Strong Call To Action

Every piece of marketing material you send should end with a strong call to action (CTA). You want people to contact you, because the ones who reach out are more likely to be hot leads. They took the time to click or call, right?

BUT — everybody says “call me to learn more” or “call to start your home search today.” How can you make your CTA special, interesting, and contact-worthy? One of the best ways is to use a click-through button, properly labeled, to take your potential clients to information they want and need.

A great way to do this is to leverage materials that already exist. Have you found a great online brochure that would help first-time buyers? Add a button to the bottom of your newsletter that tells your targets to Click here for information no first-time buyer should be without. Do you have a robust blog that covers a wide range of topics in depth? Direct your clients there. Add a button that takes them to today’s rates, or to sign up for your free newsletter that offers lots of advice for every kind of homebuyer and seller, from first-timers to homeowners to those who’ve been down this road before. Be specific in your CTA so the client knows the information they’re clicking over to is something they really want.

Along the same lines, match your CTA to the topic of your newsletter article, webpage, or e-card. Your move-up buyer doesn’t want to read about empty-nest syndrome. Homesellers don’t want information about understanding escrow. Your marketing material is targeted to a specific audience; your CTA should be, too.

Having more than one button might be a good idea, depending on where you’re placing them. A little e-card might seem overwhelmed by two buttons, but on a webpage, a simple Find Your New Home button in one section and a more specific, topic-related button at the bottom of the page can capture different types of buyers and get them all to do what you want: click through.

So how does sending a prospective client to another webpage help you, exactly? The secret is to have that other webpage or document drive the potential client back to your own website. One way to do that is to have the item linked from your CTA button hosted in a frame that allows them to easily click back to you.

Another way is to actually put a button on the outside information that allows the client to come back. Online services can make it pretty easy to set up this type of circular click-through. A service called Sniply, in particular, just requires you to copy and paste a URL and then customize your CTA and button copy — and that’s it! Plus, you’ll get a link that Sniply generates to post to your social media — and the item you link to will also have that CTA button it. You can measure click-throughs and track your leads through the service’s analytics too, to nail down what types of links are most effective for you.

By creatively targeting your audience and ensuring they associate you with the great information they're receiving, you'll build trust and loyalty that will turn clicks into clients. 

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